i. l. sherman

author, essayist, analogue game designer, freelance editor and fact-checker

i. l. sherman

author, essayist, analogue game designer, freelance editor and fact-checker

>> novels & novellas

New Morenograd Book 1, A Cage for Every Animal - A Eustace Press web serial, co-written with Ben Auden Roswell - 2020

>> short fiction

Practical Espionage for the Solo Traveller - on itch - 2019Stutter - on itch - 2019Tidal Forces - on itch - 2019How to Tell if Your House is Haunted - in Fantôme Anthology - 2019

>> essays

Chasing Heights - in Nowhere Magazine - 2020Esau Soup - in OURS - a food zine - 2019

>> games

Alone on Familiar Roads - on itch - 2020Haves Against Havent's - on itch - 2020Tycharchy - on itch - 2020Back to Back Fiction - on itch - 2019THELMA - on itch - 2019

>> freelance editing

i. l. sherman

author, essayist, analogue game designer, freelance editor and fact-checker

>> services

Copy editing – I'll read through your manuscript to find typos, spelling/grammar/punctuation errors, and ensure consistency and continuity. My dialect is Australian English, but I can work with British, American, or Canadian English spelling conventions. I like the Oxford comma.
Style editing – As a writer myself, I can look at your work with an eye for critique. My philosophy is working with your style, rather than against it. I want to help you find your strengths and bring them to the fore!
Research assistance & fact-checking – I have recently completely my PhD; over the last four years, I've honed my research skills and I am confident and capable in instructing others to do the same. I can help you get started and look for sources, or I can fact-check your work for real-world details, be they cultural, geographic, or scientific. However, if you're looking to write rich cultural details, I highly recommend employing a sensitivity reader instead.
Sensitivity reading – I do not offer this as a separate service, but if I'm editing or fact-checking for you, I would be happy to sensitivity-read for several subjects for a one-off flat rate. This is something we can talk about if we're already working together.
Market – I work with adult fiction, and I specialise in sci-fi/fantasy, thriller/crime, romance, queer fiction, and tabletop RPGs. I will also edit (but not research) non-fiction. If you have something but you're not sure if it counts, shoot me a message to check!
Rates – My rates are listed below. You might notice that they're lower than market rates; I hope that this has the benefit of providing services to marginalised creators who might not otherwise be able to afford it.

>> rates

$0.02/word for copy editing$0.03/word for style editing$0.04/word for both$25/hour for research and fact-checking$35 flat for sensitivity reading on top of any of these services

>> testimonials

>> I have a friend who has done proofreading for me for about 5 years. I’m dyslexic and often have a ton of errors in my work so I know she really knows her stuff. I’d be lost without her, so she comes with my highest recommendation. – @roswellwrites

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